SWISS IT CONGRESS 2023 – Epilogue

Bern, sitem-insel
May 11, 2023

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“E-ID in Switzerland”

The Swiss IT Congress SITC 2023 on E-ID in Switzerland has been held on Thursday May 11, 2023 as a physical event at the sitem-insel building in Bern.

This page is particularily dedicated to the participants, and SI members that could not attend.

We encourage all people interested in E-ID, data security and related subjects to have a look at the slides of the most general interest lectures, provided here. If you are interested in other parts of the Agenda or wish to know about the follow-up that SI will give this event, just drop us a line at

We hope to see you in 2024, the second week of May, this site will be updated in March.

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SITC 2023 Program
8h30Registration, welcome coffee
09:00SI General AssemblyFrancis Baud, SI President

Simon Moser, SI Treasurer
11:00Coffee break
11:20Opening of SITC 2023 and WelcomeFrancis Baud, President and Nora Sleumer, Vice President and Moderator
11:30“The E-ID provided by the Swiss Government: Current state of work and perspectives”Rolf Rauschenbach, Communications Officer E-ID, Federal Office of Justice FOJ
12:30Networking Lunch
13:30E-ID in other Countries and Organisations
“Aadhaar: E-ID in India”Indukumar Vellapillil-Hari, Enterprise Architect at Credit Suisse with interest with ID implementation.
"ID (Identification) Austria"Magister Martin Nemec, in charge of servicing ID at the Federal Ministry of Finance in Austria
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Swiss E-ID: Challenges and ChancesProf. Dr. Annett Laube-Rosenpflanzer, Head of Institute IDAS, BFH-TI
“Perpetual signatures, revocation and the right to be forgotten"Dr. Jörn Erbguth
17:00Sandbox Presentation : Public Sandbox Trust InfrastructureFederal E-ID Technical Team
Next steps Sandbox implementationJonas Niestroj
17:20Closing remarksFrancis Baud and Nora Sleumer
17:30 to 20:00Networking Apéro Riche
We reserve the right to make changes to the published program if necessary.



rolf rauschenbach
Rolf Rauschenbach
Communications Officer E-ID, Federal Office of Justice, FOJ

Rolf Rauschenbach holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of St. Gallen. He works as Communications Officer at the Federal Office of Justice FOJ. Prior, he held various positions in the industry and in academia, among others Chief Sales Officer at Procivis AG in Zurich and lecturer and researcher at Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.

indukumar vellapillil hari
Indukumar Vellapillil-Hari
Director, Platform Strategy and Governance, Credit Suisse

Indukumar Vellapillil-Hari has 24 years of extensive experience in various roles such as an IT strategist, lead architect, service delivery lead, project leader, entrepreneur, author and software developer, with a significant 20 years in financial service domain.
He has done Technology strategy consulting for C-level engagements in large financial services organizations, practices architecture analysis of large scale digital transformation thanks to a wide experience ranging from architecting India's first reverse auction portal for travel, to the architecture of an award winning mobile application for a large Swiss bank.
He also co-founded a profitable Software As a Service company specialized in Structured Products.

martin nemec
Martin Nemec
Technical items and service of ID Austria

Martin Nemec has Degrees in Computer Science and Economy from the Technical University in Vienna. He started his career, while still studying, in the Network Department of a large Austrian Bank. Later he did Network Management for Austrian Banks. After graduation he worked as Consultant in Umbrella Management on behalf of Unisys Austria, a large Austrian Telecom Provider.
Since 2003 in public service, he was responsible for the introduction of ELAK (electronic files) in the Federal Ministry of Transport. Then, from 2005 on, in the Federal Chancellery, he developed all kinds of electronic Forms (PDF, HTML, etc.).
In 2018, first in the Federal Ministry of Digitalization and Economy, and then in the Federal Ministry of Finance, he is responsible for the technical items and service of ID Austria.

annett laube
Annett Laube
Head of Institute IDAS,

Prof. Dr. Annett Laube-Rosenpflanzer received her doctorate in computer science from the TU Dresden. After more than 10 years in the IT industry (IBM Germany, SAP Development Canada, SAP Research Sophia-Antipolis/France), she has been Professor of Computer Science at the Bern University of Applied Sciences since 2009. In addition to her commitment to teaching, Annett Laube-Rosenpflanzer heads the IAM research group at the Institute for Data Applications and Security (IDAS). In her research she is particularly concerned with Identity and Access Management (IAM), authentication protocols, electronic identities and signatures, privacy protection.

jörn erbguth
Jörn Erbguth
Head of Technology Insights at Geneva Macro Labs

With a double background in law and computer science, Jörn Erbguth bridges the gap between technology and law. After working as CTO, he wrote a thesis about a framework for long-term revocable credentials using blockchain and complying with data protection regulation. Jörn Erbguth is a consultant on blockchain and data protection and Head of Technology Insights at the Geneva Macro Labs association. He participates in standards organizations and lectures at Swiss universities. Jörn Erbguth likes to bridge the gap between disciplines to help shape the future digital society oriented on human rights and sustainability.

swiss federal logo
Federal E-ID Technical Team
Federal Dpt. of Justice and Police – Federal Office of Justice (FOJ)

The state acts as the issuer of the E-ID and ensures the operation of the necessary trust infrastructure. Users should have the greatest possible control over their data. The department in charge of E-ID will use a SANDBOX to test it.
What is this public sandbox?
Generally speaking, a "sandbox" is an isolated test environment in which to experiment with new applications and technological approaches. In the case of the public trust infrastructure sandbox, this involves testing the technical components and processes around the e-ID and the trust infrastructure that is planned to be put in place, not only within the federal administration, but also with future ecosystem participants from the public sector and the economy.
Why does the Confederation offer this service?
The Confederation and the other participants can, in this test environment, acquire technical experience (functionalities, scalability, security, operation, etc.), organizational (integration of users, technical assistance, etc.) and functional (tests of use cases, interoperability between several organizations, ease of use, etc.). In addition, the sandbox must make it possible to interest other players in the ecosystem of digital evidence that is planned to be developed.
Who can participate?
Individuals, companies and organizations with their registered office in Switzerland. Participation is free.


E-ID in Switzerland - Rolf Rauschenbach
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E-ID in Switzerland - Public Sandbox – Jonas Niestroj
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ID in Austria - Martin Nemec
Touch screen : swipe left or right
ID in India - Indikumar Vellapillil-Hari